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Getting to Know You

We make it personal. Boardwalk Financial Strategies begins every client onboarding process by getting to know you and your family. Our wealth managers go beyond the standard list of questions—your age, your savings, when you hope to retire—to develop a personalized financial roadmap with you in the driver’s seat.

We base your financial plan on a deep understanding of you, your current financial situation, future goals, and past investing experience. With this information in hand, we help you get your financial house in order. We approach your financial planning with personalized recommendations that match your long-term goals.

Getting Your Financial House in Order

Starting with the Portfolio

We implement a diversified investment portfolio, which often saves you money through reduced mutual fund expenses and enhanced tax efficiencies. Our wealth managers partner with you to develop a portfolio that represents your risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and liquidity needs.

Our portfolio analysis and ongoing recommendations include your 401(k) and other retirement plans as well. We rely on an intuitive portfolio strategy to take risks that are properly compensated by the market (and avoid those that are not).

The portfolio is an essential start but getting your financial house in order means going beyond the portfolio.

Going Beyond the Portfolio

Boardwalk Financial Strategies has an intense focus on financial planning. We use a proprietary Beyond the Portfolio methodology to help ensure you make thoughtful choices in all financial matters. These are some of the most common topics new clients have questions about.

  • Personal Financial Practices
  • Debt & Cash Flow Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Education Planning
  • Workplace Benefits Planning
  • Accumulation/Retirement Analysis
  • Social Security & Pension Optimization
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving

How We Measure Success

Boardwalk Financial Strategies measures success in an unusual but sensible way: progress toward your goals. We adjust your financial plan and investment portfolio as needed to continually move toward your financial future.