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Who We Serve

We serve individuals, families and business owners with $1 million or more in investable assets.

Who We Serve

Your Roadmap for Life Transitions

Plan tomorrow’s financial future today, together with Boardwalk Financial Strategies. Our wealth managers walk in lockstep with you to develop financial plans that meet your life goals. We help you fashion a financial plan for your life—from buying a home to planning for college, career changes to retirement planning—and everything in between.

When We are Needed

Boardwalk understands that many life events create financial planning opportunities, including

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Read about how Boardwalk has helped others manage their financial futures.


A retired couple found Boardwalk when they began losing confidence in the advisors they were using at their national bank.  They didn’t fully understand what or how they were paying for the investment services, and frequent turnover at the bank made it difficult to form a good working relationship. 

Busy Professional

An executive and spouse came to Boardwalk when they realized that, like so many others, in the midst of a busy work schedule and family life, saving and planning for their future had taken a back seat. Boardwalk quickly got up to speed on their situation and helped get their financial house in order.

Small Business Owners

The husband and wife owners of a small business were initially referred to Boardwalk for assistance with their personal accounts within the company 401(k) plan. After a series of discovery meetings, Boardwalk executed on many significant financial planning opportunities

A partnership with Boardwalk Financial Services will position you and your family for life changes on the road ahead. We evaluate your financial picture to develop a personalized roadmap that takes you to a destination that meets your long-term goals.